About Us

iShift.ae is an all-in-one solution for website creation, marketing, management and hosting. We enable small to medium size businesses and independent professionals to create a strong online presence quickly and easily. This can lead to increased business opportunities, improved brand recognition, more customers and greater revenue. We provide elegant designs, customized branding options, and easy DIY site maintenance - no technical or design expertise needed. Check out our features!


Professional Designs

First impressions are critical, and more often than not, your website is your first impression to the public. The design of that site will determine the difference between an immediate write-off and a repeat visitor. iShift.ae provides designs that look clean and modern, allow for seamless integration of your branding, and maintain a consistent flow from page to page. Whether you choose a custom design or one of the 200+ built-in designs, you'll be happy with the final product. Plus, our content management system allows you to change the design of your site in a click - without impacting its content or functionality. Be sure to check out our visuals and layout options for examples.


Intuitive Editing Interface

You know best what information you want on your site. That's why iShift.ae  allows you to edit and update the content yourself with just a few clicks. In addition, our browser-based editor offers a rich selection of text styles, hand-picked to match your design. And all your content is instantly formatted as soon as you enter it in. No matter what, you're in control.


Unlimited Pages with Easy Navigation ManagementiShift.ae allows you to create an unlimited number of pages and easily edit, add, remove, and rearrange navigation items.  All business designs come with four navigation panels, one of them providing support for sub-navigation. In addition, you can assign different navigations to different sections of your site and organize pages by folder.

Web Forms

iShift.ae intuitive Forms Editor lets you create feedback, subscription, or other web forms without coding. Options are available for all the popular controls: text fields, radio buttons, checkboxes, drop-downs, etc. You can also set appropriate validation or default values, or add hidden fields. Your Web form can send submitted information to you by email, and it can even send confirmation emails to visitors.


HTML Snippet

With the HTML Snippet element you can easily Integrate a piece of HTML code within the content area of your site. This allows you to add Paypal buttons or a Paypal shopping cart, integrate a Google Search, Ad Sense, Analytics or interface with other 3rd party systems.


Embedded Video Streaming and PodcastsiShift.ae makes it easy to reach a broader audience by allowing you to upload video and audio files anywhere on your site. And because the video is hosted on your site, there are no competitive ads to distract your visitors.


iShift.ae allows you to set up a blog or a discussion forum on your website within minutes. You can create a discussion forum where site visitors can interact among themselves or with your company personnel. You can even set up a weblog journal for posting news updates and opinions. The Blog module allows you to enable RSS and get email digests of new comments.


Scalable Global Hosting Unlike typical shared hosting, iShift.ae runs on a scalable and reliable grid infrastructure. All sites hosted on iShift.ae are built for success and can handle a massive traffic surge. No matter if your site appears on the home page of CNN, Digg or Yahoo -- SiteScape ensures fast access for all your visitors. iShift.ae is also fully integrated with a global Content Delivery Network (CDN), spanning over four data-centers, set in different geographic locations, thus accelerating the content delivery from any part of the world.